Back and Forward

by thoughtsatlarge

2015 was, quite simply, the worst year of my life. In fact, the 12 month period between November 2014 and October 2015 was a living nightmare. In November of 2014 my father died following a brief but excruciatingly painful illness. Move ahead to September of 2015 and my amazingly strong wife of 25 years died after a long illness. The illness that took them both? Cancer. It has been the year of cancer and I’m sick of it. I hate it. I am done with it.

As my children and I try to forge a new life out of the ashes of our previous life we do so knowing we will do it together. For that, I am most grateful. No amount of money or privilege can replace family as the most important and precious commodity. I know Lisa would be incredibly proud of the kids in the way they have handled her death and remained grounded while pulling in amazing grades over the past semester. I hope my father would be proud of the way I’ve handled this past year with logic, compassion, and determination. It has not been easy but, as I’ve said and lived by these past eight years with Lisa’s cancer, “we do what we have to do.”

2016 will bring college graduations and graduate school applications, a move across the country and a laying of new roots. It will bring unforeseen challenges and hard won victories. And so as we ring in the new year, let us do so with joyous hearts for a happy, healthy future, fond memories culled from a painful past, and no cancer.