Dullard Nation

by thoughtsatlarge

Five people were killed yesterday in a workplace shooting in Minneapolis.  A father accidentally shot and killed his 15 year old son last night in Connecticut.  These were six of the 87 people killed by a gun yesterday.  Eighty-seven, every day, equals over 31,500 killed every year in the United States.  Since 1968, the year Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert Kennedy were assassinated, over one million Americans have been killed by a gun.

We need to acknowledge that the first ten amendments to the Constitution included in the Bill of Rights are not the same thing as the Ten Commandments.  Stop treating the 2nd Amendment as if it were part of the Decalogue handed down to Moses in Deuteronomy (the sixth edict of which states, “Thou shall not murder”).

The Constitution lives and breathes in two ways.  First, it is open to the interpretation of the Supreme Court and second, it is amendable through a purposely rigorous process. Embrace that it is amendable, and change this anachronistic law or get used to ever more stories like those above.  I hate to be a “glass half empty” guy, but I’m afraid there are too many right-wing, “Day of Confiscation” governmental fear-mongering, opportunistically and selectively religious dullards out there.  The next story is coming, and the one after that.  Neither the ink nor the tears will dry and the blood will continue to flow.